Child Education: Kano Prohibits Instructional Use Of Some Text Books


The Kano State Government has on 4th October,2023 officially directed for the withdrawal of some text books in all schools, both government, private and voluntary institutions, starting from nursery, primary and secondary schools in the State.

According to the notification of the prohibition, this is due to their harmful contents which promote immorality and also againts the culture and values of the people among young students.

They include:

*Basic Science Junior Secondary School, Razat Publishers, 2018 edition, (for JSS3). Open pages 78 83 to see the harmful contents of the book- lesson on teenage pregnancy, types of abortions students can do, myths & facts about pregnancy, indoctrination of the pupils on terminology of unsafe & safe abortion, six ways to prevent pregnancy with contraceptives, how to enjoy ‘safe sex’ without pregnancy, false information on four types of abstinence of which none is the actual definition of abstinence to be promoted among adolescents.

*Active Basic Science, 2014 edition By Tola Anjorin, Okechukwu Okolo, Philias Yara, Bamidele Mutiu, Fatima Koki, Lydia Gbagu: See Pages 31- 34.

*Cry for Justice by Ademola Adefila; See Pages 60-61, 64-65, read the description of having sex and sexual experience.

*Stigma by Samson O. Shobayo,The book encourages sexual relationship with HIV patients; kissing,etc.

*Basic Science & Technology for Junior Secondary Schools 1, 2 and 3: By W.K Hamzat, S. Bakare: See Pages 29- 47 Page 48-52 Page 64 Pages 67- 73 and Pages 86 of the three books which promote abortion, LGBT, masturbation and safe-sex with condoms.

*New Concept English for Senior Secondary Schools for SSS2, Revised edition (2018 edition) by J Eyisi, A Adekunle, T Adepolu, F Ademola Adeoye, Q Adams and, J Eto, See Pages 103-104.