Rampant Waste Disposal, Spread Diseases To Community – Expert

By Nura Bala Ajingi, Kano.

Expert on waste management and environmental sanitation Dr. Bala Mohd Tukur said rampant waste disposal is like a deliberately spreading of diseases to the community.

He stated this in a Radio program titled Zauren Premier, Monday in Kano.

He said explained that according to the analysis of health experts, about 90 percent of the diseases that afflict the community are related to the lack of cleanliness of the environment.

Dr. Bala Mohd Tukur who is the President of Kano Indegenious Companies of Waste Management called on government to enforce sanitation laws and join hands with experts on waste management for the lasting solution.

He said that if the above mentioned step is taken, the government will reduce spending on building hospitals, drugs and the community will also be able to take care of their health.

The expert explained that rampant waste disposal leads to environmental pollution while insects and mice spread diseases in houses, and there is a blockage of water channels which causes the spread of mosquitoes and floods.

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Dr. Bala Tukur who described waste as a wealth if managed properly, he also called the attention of the community to understand the importance of taking responsibility of their waste, or to continue to suffer from diseases and spending more money on treatment.

He added that in the near future they will present a road map on waste management to Kano State government for the next action.