We’ll Recover All Drugs Revolving Funds – Dr. Nagoda


By Bashir Ishaq Muhd

The Executive Secretary Kano State Hospitals Management Board, Dr. Mansur Mudi Nagoda has vowed to recover all Drugs Revolving Funds DRF back to it’s facilities.

In a statement issued on Saturday, by Samira Suleiman, Public Relations Officer to the board, Dr. Nagoda gave the reassurance after further investigation on how the funds were syphoned from the accounts of the facilities.

He further said, after analyzing the drugs revolving fund program at all our facilities, they came to understand that part of the Major challanges are Non payment on internal market, Individual Debtor’s and defaulters as well as non compliance with guidelines.

The Executive Secretary lamented that some accounting staff are bound to cripple the system, particularly revenue collectors for non remittance of cash at hand after sales to the banks .

According to the statement, the Kano HMB’s Boss said, they will not call names for now which will be seen as an act of defermation of character, but however he is calling on those involved as depicted by the list to repay back within a month.

He however reassured that after this grace period and those involved do not comply, HMB would be force to forward the list to wages and salary for deductions of 30%of their salaries until all payments are deducted and remitted to the DRF account.

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Dr. Nagoda added that defaulters and debtors should take note that these habits will no longer be tolerated as HMB is envisaged to have a vibrant and robost DRF soon.