Journalists Should Be Paid, Not To Be Volunteers – Advocate


One could agree with me that out of 100% media practitioners (Journalists) only 30% are paid and the rest are volunteers. These volunteers are expected to bring report (news) everyday.

Looking at it carefully you will find out that there are basic things they couldn’t go without such as domestic needs(food, clothing and shelter etc) and duty needs (transportation, top up and other related expenses etc). So where do we expect them to get money to solve all these needs.

From my point of view I am sure it’s from the practicing field. That’s why most media practitioners could not maintain their media standards.

Journalist shouldn’t be beggers or extortionist in order to earn money. Today most media practitioners sold their career as a result of lack of motivation from their employers.

And that’s very bad because:
It can be a contributing factor to hinder the peace and progress of a society, it open space for bribery and corruption, it also undermine the truth(justice) which can lead to a corrupt society by keeping the truth is kept aside, moreover it open doors for blackmailing innocent people which can lead to hatred and malice etc.

However I am kindly urging all media institutions to pay their media practitioners/Journalists.