It’s Time To Emforce Payments On Waste Management Services – Expert

By Nura Bala Ajingi, Kano.

A Kano based Specialist on waste management Dr. Bala Mohd Tukur advocates for more enforcement on public to take responsibility for their waste disposal.

Speaking in a live program with Radio Kano titled ‘Fitila Mai Haska Duhu’ Dr. Tukur Said there is need to establish sanitation vanguard, to ensure total compliance of laws regarding refuse management for safer and healthy environment.

He called for markets and households to engage waste management companies to take care of their waste, for their safety, similar to the services in Lagos and other states in Nigeria.

The specialist who decry on rampant dumping of refuse in kano metropolis and consequences behind it, he pointed out modern strategies of waste management for other purposes which is best used in developed countries.

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Dr. Bala Mohd Tukur who is the chairman of Kano Indegenious Waste Management Association, urged Kano State Government to invite registered companies and consultants, to support government efforts on evacuation and management of waste.